Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Obsession: Monograms!

I don't know how it started...saw one monogram on IG (maybe a piece of jewelry). And it turned into an instant obsession for me.

I simply inquired with a designer that I follow on Instagram (my source of all things that make my brain tick..yes, I need a life. Working on that)..I wanted to see if she could make a custom acrylic necklace for me...then hours later into a blackhole of the internet- more and more mongrams.

I made these two from the pdf template on For Chic's Sake...check them out!
www.ForChicSake.com - For All Things Chic!

I searched for hours and could not find another website to let you create a custom monogram. There is, however an iPhone app to purchase- Monogram(custom wallpaper), seems to be the most popular. And there's also 3Initials and Wall About You (all $1.99). I'm sure that you can play on these apps all day long. I'm no sucka!
After seeing what my name looked like and not the sample ABC, I couldn't decide on what I would want on the necklace- the modern block letters, or the traditional script? What do you think?

I may just put my monogram on EVERYTHING!

[[ I'm new to blogging. feel free to give me any advice! ]]