Monday, July 22, 2013

What do you need to prepare for a zombie apocalypse?

I designed some items (just for my cousin Terri who is very adamant about zombies one day coming to take over). I have some fun bags in my Spread Shop>> Sweet Tea's Tees 

Check it out! I think they will be perfect for Halloween festivities.
more creative stuff to come in my Shop...I have a few ideas brewing for some fun shirts.

In Orlando there's a great store in the tourist area for some really cool gear for surviving the Apocalypse. Zombie Survival- Army-Navy Supplies located at 6203 W. Sand Lake Road #D Orlando, FL. 

Zombie Survival Orlando
On another note, maybe we don't need to eliminate zombies because after all they're (dead) humans too. And they have feelings. And maybe they fall in love and have great zombie weddings...check out this cake!
courtesy of my cousin
I really won't be surprised if she has a zombie themed wedding.

What do you think you'll need to survive a zombie take over? And how would you style a zombie themed wedding/party?

[[ I'm new to blogging. feel free to give me any advice! ]]