Thursday, April 4, 2013


My interview at the airport Marriott went well!So well, in fact, that I was called for a 2nd interview! BOOM Baby! Hired. I AM a new hire and now a part of the Front Office Operations team. I am just so happy to have something that is permanent and full time. This has been a long time coming, but definitely not the end. I’m already planning my next move! The job markets are so crazy right now. I always have to question whether changing my career path is the right decision. But hey, I’m rolling with this.This is God’s plan, not mines. 

The whole hiring process was quite painless.Except I have noted, since I’ve interviewed so much over the last 2 years, that women interviewers are hard on applicants. It’s even worse when they double team you. Which is what happened to me. I interviewed with 2 managers the first time, and it was like being chewed up by two alligators. I feel like female managers take a competitive and dominating stance when it comes to evaluatingan applicant’s qualifications and personality for a position. For my second interview, I met with one of the Directors, a male. And I didn’t have that feeling. The room didn’t get hot, and I didn’t fidget or feel faint lol. I feltlike I was just talking to him, and having a conversation about my prior jobs,and why I would be a good fit for the role. He seemed like he was rationalizing my skills and whether I could excel in the role I applied for instead of “oh! Let’s ask her this hard question and see if she answers it correctly.” Like, dang, do you want someone to get this job!? Lol

Anywho, more to come as far getting my hustle on…inother news. I’m booked to work Funk Fest this Saturday. I’ll be bartending.Whoo hoo!

Info about Funk Fest: if you’re in/live in Orlando, check it out. 

[[ I'm new to blogging. feel free to give me any advice! :) ]]